Information and Rules

Its time we had a true TEAM event in martial arts. Similar a gymnastics team all around The Ultimate Team Challenge will require strategy and full team participation. 3 team members consisting of at least 1 blackbelt and at least one underbelt will compete and turn in scores in forms, fighting, weapons and musical. Each team member will turn in a 1 forms* and 1 fighting** score. The TEAM will also turn in a 1 weapons or musical score, for a total of 7 entries. The team with the most points will take the prize. 

Points will be based on individual division placement(see below).

1st Place- 10 points
2nd Place- 8 points
3rd Place-- 6 points
4th Place-- 4 points
5th and lower- 2 points

In the event of a tie a blackbelt from each team will go head to head in Traditional Forms to determine a winner. Should more than 2 teams tie the blackbelts will be put into a bracket and compete head to head until a winner is determined.  

* Score from Team Forms events may not be used for forms score. Any individual form score may be used for each team member.
**Fighting Scores from team fighting and open weight may not be included. Point and Continuous only.

There is a Minimum of 5 teams required for cash prize.