We will be utilizing the standard NASKA rules for the majority of our sport karate tournament divisions. The standard divisions exceptions as well as special event rules are listed below. 

NASKA Exceptions

  • Face Shields are optional for all ranks and 17 and younger divisions

  • Music will be optional in all Extreme forms and weapons divisions but will not be considered as part of the score

  • Face Shields, chest protectors and elbow pads are optional but recommended for all ages and ranks for all sparring divisions

  • Body kicks in all sparring divisions will be 1 point not 2. Spinning kicks to the body will still remain 2 points. 

Tag Team Sparring Rules

  • Each team must have 2 players within the same age bracket and gender if applicable for the division. Rank does not matter.

  •  Each match will follow normal NCO sparring rules for gear, contact, and points

  •  Each match will be 3 min long with each team receiving 1 time out for the match

  •  At the beginning of the match each team will send out one player each. Once a player scores a point they must then tag in their partner. The player being scored on will remain.

  •  Each time a player scores that player will tag out and their teammate in.

  •  During any timeout teammates may tag in/out

  •  If a player is scored on 3 consecutive times they may tag out

  •  The team with the most points after 3 min or achieves a 10 point spread wins